Client Testimonial


Philip (647-345-7493)

Unicair Heating and Cooling evaluates all aspects of a project before offering an installation quote - They focus planning on maintenance aspects, quiet operation and comfort. Looking on all these aspects, Roger will explain the facts and give recommendation to the client. I am glad to recommend Unicair for any one who looks for quality and a clean job. Roger and his professionally qualified technicians have done a quality installation in our home. I do have "Before and After" pictures, which clearly show the difference how it was before and how it now looks.- Read more.. »


Kumar Nadarajah (416-657-2980)

My furnace room did not have any space and I knew it was not properly planned when installed. I contacted two or three Heating & Cooling companies to see if they could give me and idea how to organize the furnace room, but I did not get any favourable answers. I contacted Roger, who visited my house and suggested how the furnace room can be organized. I agreed to what he advised. He also quoted for three brands and gave me the opportunity to pick the one according to my budget. Then his crew started the job. Relocated furnace, installed Air conditioner and a Hot Water heater. When they finished the job I was really happy. There was enough space in the furnace room. His technicians are friendly and energetic. I call Roger "Happy Roger" because he has a smile on his face all the time.

Roger Motivates co-workers and customers with compassionate leadership and a passion for positive results and success of the company's growth. When I spoke to his staff they say they are proud to work under Roger - because Roger is very concerned about the quality of work and always wanted his technicians to take time and do a quality job. He wants work to be done right the first time. I will always recommend UNICAIR to anyone who needs their heating or cooling upgraded or newly installed.- Read more.. »